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About us was launched in 2006 and has grown into a thriving website for people who want recipes that work with veg boxes, farm shops, farmers' markets and allotments . We now get over 125,000 unique visitors a month!

Picutre Gallery - Find a mystery veggie

In addition to the recipes, we also have a picture gallery to help you work out which veggie you're hunting for, and plenty of tips on how to store and cook them, once you've identified them!

Find a veg box scheme

You can find your nearest veg box provider.

Get involved with the blog
There's a blog, for the latest green news, and where you can ask all your burning questions.

Kids' Box!
We've even got a kids' corner, to keep the little ones amused and help them learn more about fruit and veg.

Veg Box Recipes' aim has always been to make it easier to enjoy your veg box or farmers' market, branching out into using vegetables that you maybe haven't chosen before.

So if you've got a favourite recipe you'd like to share (one of your own), please send it to us, to help keep the site growing.

Thank you!

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P.S. VegBox Recipes is completely independent of any veg box scheme or farm.

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